Pre-Nuptial Agreements and Asset Protection

Following a string of high-profile and widely publicised marriages and divorces, usually amongst celebrities or couples with very significant assets, this complex area of law has come to public attention.

We can offer advice and assistance to clients seeking to protect their assets by having a pre-nuptial agreement prepared and also to clients seeking help when they have been advised by their prospective spouse that they need to sign one.

In addition to pre-nuptial agreements, you may wish to consider asset protection. For example, you may wish to protect assets accumulated individually so you do not lose them if the relationship later goes wrong. One way of doing this is via a trust. A trust could be set up before you marry or cohabit. This means the assets subject to the trust will not form part of the marital assets in a subsequent divorce or dissolution so your partner would not be able to make a claim on them.

Providing the trust is appropriately set up, you can have full use of your assets during your lifetime with a trust and will be free to move, downsize and spend the assets you have protected. You will also be able to receive income from your savings. We can help you set a trust up should you wish to protect your assets.

You can also protect your son or daughter, grandchildren or other family members from losing their inheritance in a divorce in the future by setting up a trust. You can impose restrictions, conditions and time limits in your trust, so you can keep your assets in your family.

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