Civil partnership disputes

Relationship breakdown is very stressful and upsetting for anyone, no matter whether the relationship was formalised by a marriage or civil partnership. It is natural for you to be confused and need reassurance about the procedure and how to make the right decisions. We will take the time to understand your situation and provide a sympathetic, effective and efficient service.

We pride ourselves on offering a straightforward approach and clear advice that will explain everything in a way that is easy to understand. We represent clients from all over England and Wales.

We recognise that once you have decided that your civil partnership is at an end the legal formalities should be dealt with quickly, efficiently and robustly when required and at a minimum cost to you.

We can apply for or defend civil partnership dissolution proceedings on your behalf.

Fixed fee civil partnership packages

We offer fixed fee packages for clients who wish to petition for civil partnership dissolution and also for clients who have been served with civil partnership dissolution papers or are aware that they are likely to be in the future. Brief details of our fixed fee package are below:

  • We will conduct an initial interview to provide general advice, including about the procedure to follow and will answer any questions that you may have for £150 plus VAT.
  • If you are the applicant in civil partnership dissolution proceedings we charge a fixed fee of £600 plus VAT and disbursements, such as Court fees.
  • If you are the respondent in civil partnership dissolution proceedings we charge £350 plus VAT for dealing with your divorce.

These packages are only available if the civil partnership dissolution proceedings are not going to be defended on the ground of jurisdiction only. If the civil partnership dissolution proceedings are going to be defended, or you would like to discuss your situation please call 0151 702 5400 or click here to contact one of our family law solicitors.