Disputing a Will

Disputes surrounding a deceased person’s Will and their Estate can be very upsetting for those involved and Liverpool Legal Services are here to reduce your burden when this situation arises.

Liverpool Legal are experienced in assisting clients that need our support to either make a Will dispute claim or defend a Will dispute claim.

Although, it is possible to dispute a Will after probate has been granted it is much easier to make a successful claim before probate is complete.  If you intend to challenge a Will, there are strict time limits involved, and we advise you to speak with one of our expert dispute solicitors today.

Challenging (or defending) a Will’s Validity

There are many reasons why a Will may be found to be invalid. Often someone is claiming their loved one did not have the Mental Capacity to make a Will and therefore it is invalid. Liverpool Legal can assist you to challenge or defend a Wills validity.

Inheritance Act Claims

Claims under the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975, allow people to claim if they were not named in a Will. In these situations, it is possible for certain people to make a claim for financial provision from the Estate. Liverpool Legal have the knowledge and experience to assist you and can set out your rights to make or defend a claim.

Disputes Involving Executors or Administrators of the Estate

When a person dies and leaves a Will, Executors will be appointed to Administer their Will.  Where there is no Will, intestacy rules state that one or more people who were close to the deceased can assume the role of administrator. Liverpool Legal can guide you smoothly through this process during your bereavement.

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