• Matthew Wilson
    At Liverpool Legal we understand that there are pressures surrounding business leasing, our aim is to reduce them and give sound, no-nonsense advice to ensure you make the right decision for your business. Our specialist business solicitor Matthew Wilson answers some frequently asked questions about business leasing. Q. If my
  • Colin Wooldridge
    Q. What will happen if I do not have a Will in place when I die? A. If you die without making a Will, then the Law decides how your estate is divided on your death. This is known as the Rules of Intestacy. This may result in your partner
  • Paul Currie
    The Health and Safety Executive have recently prosecuted a company as a result of an incident in which a worker sustained injury when his arm got trapped in a machine. Details of the incident can be found on the HSE’s website: Company fined £200,000 after worker fractures arm | HSE
  • Colin Wooldridge
    UK house prices show the first signs of recovery from recent declines following the pandemic. According to Nationwide Building Society, UK house prices have risen by 0.5% in April 2023. The average UK house price in April 2023 is £260,441. This is the first price rise in seven months. The
  • Pamela Williams
    Mothers and babies are being put at risk because maternity services are still providing unsafe care, despite a series of scandals that have cost lives, the NHS Ombudsman has warned. Three major inquiries since 2005 have identified serious failures that have led to mothers and babies being harmed and even