We are sure you will be satisfied by the service you receive at Liverpool Legal. However we do operate a complaints policy should you feel the need to complain. Details can be found in our terms and conditions of business. However, an overview of the complaints process is as follows:

1. In the first instance we encourage our clients to contact the lawyer handling their case to see if the complaint can be resolved informally.

2. If that does not prove possible, you should write a formal letter of complaint.

3. We will acknowledge receipt in writing and investigate. As part of the investigation process we may review your file of papers, discuss your complaint with the lawyer handling your case and, if necessary, invite you to a meeting to discuss your complaint.

4. Once our investigation is completed we will write to you with the outcome.

5. If you are unhappy with the outcome you may write to us and ask us to review your complaint again. We will let you know of any timescales for a response at this stage.

6. We will then write to you with our final decision.

All of the above steps should ordinarily take no more than 8 weeks. If you remain dissatisfied you can ask the Legal Ombudsman to consider your complaint. You should write to them within 6 months of receiving our final decision and within 6 years of the act or omission leading to the complaint (or 3 years of the date you ought to have known there was cause for complaint).

Further details of steps you can take if you are dissatisfied with the outcome of your complaint or concerned by our behavior can be found on our complaints page.