Fatal Accidents

When a loved one is involved in a fatal accident it feels like your whole world is torn apart. You may feel loss, grief, sorrow or anger and wish to seek justice. At Liverpool Legal, we understand the difficulties clients face during this time and the impact on your family. Our compassionate fatal accident solicitors will discuss your claim with you to fully understand your concerns and needs. We will work with you to bring your claim to a conclusion as soon as possible.

When someone has died as a result of someone else’s negligence, whether through a road traffic accident, an accident at work or on someone else’s property, an industrial or asbestos disease, a medical accident or otherwise, there are 2 types of fatal accident claims that can be made.

The first type is on behalf of the estate of the deceased. This will include claims for such things as funeral expenses, the pain and suffering of the deceased before they passed away or any personal belongings damaged in the accident.

The second type of claim is on behalf of the dependents. This type of claim may include a bereavement award, which is fixed by law, and a claim for financial losses suffered as a result of the deceased person no longer being able to contribute to the household expenses, known as dependency. There are strict criteria for determining whether someone is entitled to a bereavement award or is a dependent of the deceased and our fatal accident solicitors will be able to advise you sensitively on these issues.

The person who will bring the claim is usually the executor of the estate of the deceased, if a will was made, or their nearest relative if not. We can help you with the formal processes you need to go through to be able to bring the fatal accident claim.

When someone has passed away there are many things which need doing to deal with their affairs. These may include the administration of the estate or applying for a personal injury trust to place any compensation in to protect benefits you may be entitled to receive. We can help take the burden of dealing with these tasks away from you to allow you to grieve.

As fatal accident claims are complicated, it is important a specialist solicitor is instructed to assist you. At Liverpool Legal, our compassionate and sensitive expert fatal accident solicitors would be happy to discuss your claim on a no win no fee basis. Click here to email our fatal accident solicitors or call us on 0151 702 5400.