Corona Virus – Covid-19

As a country we face unprecedented peacetime challenges in the coming weeks. Government advice may change on a daily basis in what is a very serious and rapidly evolving situation. Further restrictions on travel may be imposed to help prevent the spread of Covid-19. Our staff will act in accordance with government advice.

This means the way in which we deal with our clients’ cases may change. Fortunately, we have made significant investments in technology and communication systems which means we will continue to provide a service to our clients throughout these difficult times. We will still be available by telephone and email and you can send post into our office. We can arrange video meetings. These steps mean our dedicated lawyers will remain available to assist you with your case or any new query you may have. In the event our office closes we have made arrangements for our staff to work remotely so they will continue to provide an efficient and effective service in your case.

As at 19.03.2020, none of our staff have been diagnosed with Covid-19 and we are working hard to make sure that stays the case by following all relevant guidance.

We would like to thank all of our clients and suppliers for their support and understanding during these difficult times. Finally we would urge everyone to look after themselves and others and stay safe and healthy.